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The Spectra Handsfree is a set of collection cups that attach to your breast pump and fit securely and discreetly into your bra. This enables you to express milk while – as the name says – having your hands completely free!

Please note that these cups come with 24mm sizes. Try our All Things Breastfeeding Flange Inserts should you need a smaller size.


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The Handsfree comes equipped with a backflow protector that fits into each cup and that creates a closed system

It can be used with any of Spectra’s breast pumps

BPA free


24mm, 28mm

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    Thea-Marie Le Grange

    I bought the Hands-free cups with my Spectra. Honestly, the flanges and bottles were driving me insane, trying to hold a crying newborn. The cups were a game changer for me. I ended up only pumping with the flanges at night when they were in bed (easier to quickly get off the pump when a baby is crying). I pumped 4/5 of my pumping sessions a day with my cups. When they were awake, I’ll only pump with the cups. It allowed me to carry and hold a baby while pumping.
    They are also much more discreet. I never felt exposed or like anyone even noticed them when pumping in public.
    I would recommend the hands-free cups to go with the Spectra S1 any day. They never let my supply dip or anything and spills less than the bottles (only 1 small hole at the top where the pipes go in). Great product!

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