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All Things Breastfeeding aspire to provide a breastfeeding go-to resource for South African moms. Started by certified lactation consultant Christine Klynhans, this website will always aim to get to the heart of what breastfeeding moms need

  • Expert advice from a stunning team of professionals on all your breastfeeding queries
  • Help with finding a lactation consultant in your area
  • Breast Pump Demo Centres in different areas
  • Fitment centres for Carriwell’s Pregnancy and Breastfeeding underwear
  • A library packed with breastfeeding information
  • Helpful tools for parents and professionals
  • Online courses
  • An ever-growing online store

We recognise that each mom and baby will have a unique breastfeeding relationship. It is our passion to help moms find solutions for their challenges and joy on their journey.

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Our Offerings

Breast Pump Demo Centres

Understanding the terminology

Cycles per minute, suction strength, different modes – what does it all mean?

Compare brands and models

Test different pumps to help you find the one best suited for you

Find your flange size

Our ‘How-to guide’ will help, but know for sure by testing different sizes.

Best use of your budget

Make sure you get the best pump available for the amount you want to spend

Medical aid assistance

Your medical aid may cover a pump if purchased from a healthcare practitioner.

Follow-up support

Have somewhere to return to if you struggle or need help getting it right

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Feedback from our moms

I did not think I would cope with working and breastfeeding, but with my awesome breast pump and some expressing hacks I managed to succeed until my baby turned a year!



My baby was born prematurely and I was not at all prepared for expressing and breastfeeding. To find so much support and information in one place made all the difference in the world.



Christine was able to help me through a virtual consultation with painful expressing, and we identified a too small flange. So greatful that I could get it sorted.


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