One of the biggest aims of All Things Breastfeeding is to provide trustworthy breastfeeding information and advice, specifically aimed at South African moms. We know that our systems – our healthcare system, workplace environments and social networks – are not always breastfeeding friendly, despite everyone proclaiming that breast is best.

We hope to compensate in some small way for this by providing information content that moms can use to help them cope with their breastfeeding challenges. And its not all about challenges; breastfeeding can be a beautiful experience that you can celebrate and enjoy!

Enjoy reading, and do let us know if you have a topic that you would like to read more about.

I receive daily queries from breastfeeding moms around Covid vaccination. Should they take the vaccine, and can it in any way harm their babies? Although all the official guidelines state that breastfeeding moms can get vaccinated, mothers want to hear this from someone that they know and trust. As a lactation consultant and a well-baby clinic sister that works with vaccinations every day, many clients turn to me. Of course with both Covid as a disease, and vaccination as a[...]

Congratulations on your decision to continue breastfeeding your baby for longer. Expressing breast milk is a momentous task. Below is a list the must-have items that you will need, as well as some nice-to-haves to make things easier for you. You can also book a Breast Pump Demo slot with one of our lactation consultants if you need more assistance in choosing a pump and in expressing milk. ITEMWHAT WILL YOU USE IT FORBreast pumpYour breast pump will play a[...]

Most new moms will experience some breastfeeding difficulties in the early days. Getting latching right and figuring out your baby’s needs are big tasks. Even after overcoming the initial hitches, the early weeks may be filled with many questions. How do you know your baby is getting enough? Is it normal for baby to feed this often? Why is baby restless and fussy? Is your milk nutritious enough? Should your baby not be sleeping better by now?  No wonder many[...]

For many years breast pumps came in a one size that (didn't) fit all. But breasts and nipples come in many shapes and sizes. It is crucial to your expressing success that you use the correct size breast pump flange. A flange that is too big or too small will lead to many pumping problems. Feeling confused? See our printable nipple and flange measuring tool to help you understand flange size and to determine the best size to use. Ideally,[...]

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