One of the biggest aims of All Things Breastfeeding is to provide trustworthy breastfeeding information and advice, specifically aimed at South African moms. We know that our systems – our healthcare system, workplace environments and social networks – are not always breastfeeding friendly, despite everyone proclaiming that breast is best.

We hope to compensate in some small way for this by providing information content that moms can use to help them cope with their breastfeeding challenges. And its not all about challenges; breastfeeding can be a beautiful experience that you can celebrate and enjoy!

Enjoy reading, and do let us know if you have a topic that you would like to read more about.

When asking pregnant moms what concerns them most about breastfeeding, I always receive these two replies: That they won’t have enough breast milk (read our article on false alarms for low milk supply) That breastfeeding will be painful And painful nipples are indeed cringe-worthy. New mothers are subjected to horror stories of tiny newborn babies basically chewing away at their mothers’ nipples like little piranhas. The good news is that the above is not a given, and that there is[...]

If you are currently struggling with sore nipples, you will understand well why it is one of the main reasons moms give up on breastfeeding in the early days. There are many different treatment options, and the same option won't work for all mothers. Firstly, it is of extreme importance to address the cause of nipple pain. Most nipple damage is caused by an incorrect latch. There are also other conditions that can lead to sore nipples. Be sure to[...]

Note: this is a guide offering tips on finding your nipple shield size, and on feeding your baby with a nipple shield. If you are following this link from the guide provided by Netcare Femina Hospital, remember that you can contact Parentwood@Femina Clinic to purchase a shield and to obtain breastfeeding advice. You can message myself, Christine Klynhans on 072 490 7386 for breastfeeding support from a certified lactation consultant. First things first – why a nipple shield? Sometimes newborn babies[...]

Silicone breast pumps, also called silicone suction cups, are fairly new on the market and have taken social media moms’ groups on a storm. Moms love them, which says something (they wouldn’t get good feedback if they didn’t work at all). From a lactation consultant viewpoint there are some concerns though. And as with most other tools and gadgets, they have a place but need to be used correctly and for the right reasons. What is a silicone breast pump?[...]

When one should start expressing causes confusion for both mothers and healthcare professionals. Moms are often told not to express before 6 weeks. But many don’t realize that expressing sometimes form part of the care plan for a specific breastfeeding difficulty, and at other times is something a mom does for convenience or for building a freezer stash.  This means that there are many grey areas, and that you need to find the option that will work for your unique[...]