Spectra Q Portable Electric Breast Pump

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The Spectra Q is as compact as breast pumping gets. Although a bit slow in its strongest mode (not ideal for pumping to build and maintain supply), it is in our opinion one of the only pumps in its price range that offers such motor strength, the possibility to convert to a double pump, and the choice between Spectra’s different Breast Shield sizes. This makes it an excellent choice for a mom who needs a good quality pump on a tight budget.

Pump features

  • The pump is sold as a single pump (one set of attachments), but can easily convert to double by adding a second Breast Shield set and bottle, which are sold separately
  • Two phase expressing
  • In let-down mode this pump can pump between 66 and 108 cycles per minute
  • In expressing mode this pump can pump between 52 and 66 cycles per minute
  • Five different powerful suction settings in both let-down and expressing modes
  • A maximum suction strength of 300mmHg
  • A memory function that remember current settings for your next pumping session


  • Dimensions: xxx cm
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • NAPPI code: No
  • Power source: AC adapter that plugs into mains, or with a power bank via a  USB cable; does not have a battery nor can it be battery operated

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