My Breastpump Breast Milk Storage Bags

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Breast milk storage bags may seem like an extravagance in the beginning, but once you started using them you will see the appeal! My Breastpump storage bags are excellent value for money and definitely an All Things Breastfeeding favourite.

My Breastpump bags are pre-sterilized and have a leak-proof ziplock and tamper-proof seal. They are BPA free and freezer safe. The spout pour design makes it easy to pour milk into a feeding bottle. Best of all, they are extra-large so that you can store more milk at a time

Each box comes with 30 breast milk bags per box.

 – Pre-sterilised and disposable
– Easy pour spout
– Freezer safe
– Space saving
– Stores up to 250ml per bag
– Leak proof
– Tamper proof seal
– BPA-free
– Packs of 30

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