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Hydrogel dressings are a type of wound dressing designed to hydrate wounds and to provide an environment in which wound healing can take place. It is indicated for use in dry wounds or those with mild oozing. Hydrogel works by both absorbing drainage from wounds and by hydrating dry areas of the wound. It also helps to remove dead cells from a wound. Be sure to read our full features on hydrogel pads and on managing nipple pain.

All Things Breastfeeding’s Hydrogel pads are:

  • Affordable
  • Individually packed and sterile
  • Free of toxic ingredients and preservatives
  • Ingredients: 30% water, 30% glycerol, 40% polymer
  • Each box contains 10 pads

How to use:

  • Store pads in a dry, cool space.
  • Wash hands before touching your nipples.
  • Rinse your nipples with a mild saltwater solution (one teaspoon of salt on 250ml of water) after feeding and pat dry.
  • Open the pouch and remove the product.
  • Peel of the plastic film and place the gel side of the pad over your nipple
  • Do not use if the pouch was opened or damaged
  • Do not use hydrogel breast pads in conjunction with any other nipple ointments.
  • Before feeding baby, gently remove the pad and place gel-side up on a clean surface. For cooling effect or if the room temperature is warm, place the pad inside the refrigerator between sessions.
  • Rinse your breast with clean water after removing the pad and before latching baby.
  • Do not rinse or wash the pad, or use any soaps or detergents.
  • Use the same pad on the same nipple (do not switch sides as it may potentially spread any infection).
  • Each pad can be used for 24 hours; if it becomes cloudy/milky before then, discard and use a new one.
  • If your nipple is badly cracked it may stick to the pad. REMOVE GENTLY! Use an earbud to gently loosen if this is the case. Pulling the pad off in one go may pull along healing tissue which is not what you want to happen.
  • Apply the pad again after feeding.

A word of caution:

This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you experience any skin reaction or worsening of symptoms, please stop using and contact your healthcare provider.

Use with caution in the presence of fungal and bacterial infections (in which case a medicinal ointment to treat the infection would be a better option). The product is meant to be used in conjunction with all the other tips for treating sore nipples. It will help to lesson symptoms and promote healing, but sore nipples won’t clear unless you address the cause. For any questions for further information, please email

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