Colostrum Harvesting Syringe with Cap (single)

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Harvesting colostrum means expressing colostrum in the last weeks of the pregnancy by hand and freezing it for use after birth. This can provide colostrum to a baby who is experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, reducing the need for formula top-up feeds. Colostrum harvesting may be recommended to mothers who know before the birth already that their baby may be facing some challenges. This includes diabetic mothers, those with a medical condition or pregnancy complication that may lead to premature delivery, and those with babies with congenital abnormalities.

Remember that not all pregnant moms will have colostrum leaking – this is not a reason for concern!

All Things Breastfeeding’s Colostrum Harvesting Syringes are:

  • Individually packed and sterile
  • Free of toxic ingredients
  • Colour: Purple
  • Size: 10ml

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