Carriwell Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra with Padded Carri-Gel Support (COLOUR: BLACK)

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If you generally need to wear a bra that offers more support, you will know that the general breastfeeding bra just doesn’t do the trick. And traditional underwired bra’s are not ideal as they may cut off milk flow and lead to blocked ducts and mastitis.

The Carriwell Maternity and Nursing Bra with Padded Carri-Gel support is designed for fuller breasts and curves, this patented “seamless” nursing bra combines unique Carri-Gel® support with light removable moulded pads to create exceptional support and beautiful shape.

This very unique products offers:

  • Increased Support: This nursing bra is a special combination exclusive of technologies and design to support the nursing mums with fuller sized breasts
  • Support without harm: the gel underwire is soft and offers support while moulding to your breasts, limiting the risk of compression to the breast tissue
  • Easy access: The cup design exposes as much of your breast as you are comfortable with whilst nursing, maximizing skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby
  • Recommended by professionals: The Carri-Gel® is the only “underwire” bra recommended by Midwife & lactation consultants

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