BabyWombWorld Petite Breast Pump

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The BabyWombWorld Petite is the newest edition to a fantastic range of products. This pump aims to provide an affordable pump option for mothers who cannot afford a more expensive pump, but still needs to express with success. The pump is single (a double pump would definitely be more ideal for a mom who needs to express often and to maintain supply). However, in our opinion there is no other pump availabe at this price that can provide the same suction strength. It also has the spare parts and the legendairy 3-D suction technology as all other BabyWombWorld’s pumps.

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3D Suction technology – the soft silicone flange molds to the breast during vacuum and gently squeeze and massage the nipple, instead of just pulling it into the tunnel. Not only does most mothers find this technology to be more comfortable, but they also experience increased milk volumes.

Flange  size options – Our bodies are unique, and not all moms have the same nipple size. And yet many breast pumps only offer one flange size, especially the less expensive pumps. The BabyWombWorld Petite is issued with a 21mm flange, but 25mm and 29mm flanges are available at an affordable rate.

Spare parts easily available on this website

Advanced touch panel technology with a digital touch screen that displays and allows you to change suctions phases and levels.

Small in size, the BabyWombWorld Petite will fit into the palm of your hand.

Two-phase expressing that starts off with a short, quick sucking rhythm to stimulate a let-down reflex and get your milk flowing, followed by a slow regular rhythm to express milk. Suction strengths for both these phases can be adapted with a simple up/down function.

A build-in lithium battery that simply plugs in to charge (USB Charger), another feature rarely found with less expensive pumps.


  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 4 cm
  • Weight:
  • System: Closed
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • NAPPI code: application in process
  • Power source: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

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